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Episode 12

To wrap up season 1 of For Your Reference, Charlotte is joined by Aidan Jackson-Evans, Customer Success Coordinator at Sports Reference and the company's lone Englishman, as they discuss some interesting and otherwise memorable National Anthems in the world of sports.

Episode 11

On Episode 11 of "For Your Reference", Charlotte is joined by Product Marketing Manager Jonah Gardner as they discuss athletes with music records and the complexities of balancing their careers and hobbies.

Episode 10

Join your host Charlotte Eisenberg for the 10th episode of "For Your Reference"! This week, Charlotte dives down the rabbit hole of how NBA players got drafted, and why they got drafted for anything but their basketball talent.

Episode 9

On this episode of For Your Reference, join your host Charlotte Eisenberg as she explains the process of getting the data ready for the WNBA Draft and the interesting rabbit holes she has gone down when exploring the lives of future, current and past WNBA players!

Episode 8

Join your host Charlotte Eisenberg on this week's episode of For Your Reference as she explores the unique story of Ann Meyers, the only woman to ever sign an NBA contract!

Episode 7

On Episode 7 of For Your Reference, your host Charlotte Eisenberg dives into some of the more unexpected college athletes, how they found themselves in the NCAA at an older age than most would expect, and how they have faired in their careers since being an athlete.

Episode 6

The hit show Dancing With The Stars has cast their fair share of athletes to compete with many finding success winning the Mirrorball Trophy. Charlotte Eisenberg and Sports Reference Project Manager Alex Bonilla both took a look at many of the athletes who have competed on the show. Listen to what they found on episode 6 of the For Your Reference podcast.

Episode 5

How do cards and penalties impact the outcome of World Cup games? Can they overshadow scoring events that determine the final outcome? We're diving in to find out on episode 5 of For Your Reference.

Episode 4

Join Charlotte Eisenberg and Andrew Chong as they discuss how the World Baseball Classic came into existence, how the competition has evolved and the upcoming 2023 tournament!

Episode 3

On Episode 3 of For Your Reference, your host Charlotte Eisenberg and SR Marketing Director Maggie Walsh Deaver break down Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), what it means for college athletes, the impact on international students, their favorite NIL deals and more.

Episode 2

For Your Reference is back with Episode 2, Ball In The Family. Sports Reference Data Developer Charlotte Eisenberg and Data Director Mike Lynch will be diving in to how Ball In The Family, an incredible reality TV show following LaVar, LaMelo, Lonzo and LiAngelo Ball, foreshadowed their futures in basketball.

Episode 1

Join your host, Sports Reference Data Developer Charlotte Eisenberg for the very first episode of "For Your Reference". Charlotte will be joined by Product Director Adam Darowski to dive into how military baseball teams offered a unique opportunity for black ballplayers to earn a living and fill in some of the origin story for the Negro Leagues. Tune in to hear Adam share his enthusiasm and everything he's learned along the way while researching the 25th Infantry Wreckers.


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